How to Change the Way You Approach Anti-Vaxxers
(And Restore Your Peace of Mind)

Do you have a parent, or loved one, who is refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine? Even worse, does every conversation turn into an argument about a conspiracy?


Maybe you’ve tried setting boundaries, like: no discussions about anything political. Only to have them crossed by the slightest mention of new “hot topic” trigger words you can barely keep up with.


Many experts advise just cutting ties and walking away… they tell you to give up on hopeless cases of people lost down rabbit holes of alternate realities. But maybe there’s something in you that still believes there must be a way to get through to them.


There is.


By understanding the emotional beliefs that support conspiracy theories, you can learn how to address them and have a conversation that doesn’t result in an argument.

This video course holds the key

The Ultimate Guide to Talking to Covid Anti-Vaxxers” is an 8-part video training course that includes:


Video 1: Introduction to the course, 6 minutes


Video 2: Attachment Structures, 21 minutes

  • What are conspiracy theories from an emotional point of view?

Video 3: Locus of Control, 17 minutes

  • Why do people believe stories about evil behind-the-scenes over what is right in front of them?

Video 4: Black and White Thinking, 13 minutes

  • Why do people dismiss facts and evidence?

Video 5: Experiential Dissonance, 22 minutes

  • Why does it feel like the person I loved changed so much?

Video 6: Ecosystem of Beliefs, 15 minutes

  • How does a person go from believing in one conspiracy theory to believing in ALL of them?

Video 7: Tools for Responding, 20 minutes

  • How can I talk to someone without getting into an argument?

Video 8: Strategies for Responding, 15 minutes

  • How do all these tools fit together within a conversation? And where do they get me?Covi

This course is perfect for…

  • People who don’t want to argue with friends and family members who they love.
  • Anyone struggling to talk to a friend, loved one or co-worker with anti-vax beliefs.
  • Those in danger of losing a loved one to conspiracy theories.
  • Workers whose jobs require them to confront anti-vaxxers.
  • Science educators who want to understand the mindset of people they are trying to reach.

You will learn:

  • The critical first step you must take before opening your mouth—it builds a strong foundation for your conversation.
  • How to see past the sensationalized conspiracy theories and into the heart of what drives people to believe in them.
  • How to ignore the hate and instead understand the fear that drives people’s words and actions so you don’t assume that all they want to do is argue.
  • 7 tips for guiding the conversations away from inflammatory subjects, a powerful way to calm down people who are looking for a fight and encourage them to trust you.
  • How to counter irrational beliefs without feeling like a victim to someone else’s rage.
  • The secret to restoring calm and a sense of “normalcy” in your world, amid the chaos.

But here’s the most powerful benefit of knowing this.

You can do it without damaging the relationships you already have with friends and family you love but who disagree with you.

2 Valuable Bonuses

  • PDF cheat sheets of each video summarizing the lesson. You can use these while you’re watching or to refresh your memory later.
  • Membership in a private Facebook support group exclusively for people who’ve seen the video course—your chance to discuss what you’ve learned with others, and to ask questions.

Your investment: Only $37.95

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Rave Reviews for the Video Course

" 'The Ultimate Guide to Talking to Covid Anti-Vaxxers' is a crash course in the psychology and neuroscience of irrational beliefs and concepts crucial to communication in the face of science denial. You’ll come away with the essentials behind stubborn science resistance and get to tap into Elizabeth's expertise on why misinformation grabs a hold of friends, loved ones, and the public, as well as what you can do to reach them."
Dr. Effie Greathouse
Digital Resources for Community Science
"It was just as much a video to help myself deal with my emotional reactions. The strategies and techniques suggested in the video seemed like were applied to me while watching and they worked. More understanding and communication is what we should be striving for and this gives me hope that we can in the future have more understanding of each other. In the end, I felt hopeful."
Jae Song
"Thank you for sharing your important work! I found the videos oddly calming and hope-inspiring. The basic principles can be applied to any situation in which you find yourself in disagreement with another. Politics, family conflict, vaccines, it does not matter. Each concept laid out by Elizabeth feels like a building block towards understanding, and I am excited to learn more. When will the next episode be released? I want to keep listening."
Daniela M.
Architect, expert in green buildings and sustainability. Business owner. Communicator. Interested in making the world a better place for the next generation.
100% Guarantee

2 Guarantees:

#1: My money-back Guarantee:
I’ll refund the full amount within 30 days if you’re not satisfied for whatever reason.

#2: You’re Learning from the Best.
I guarantee that “The Ultimate Guide to Talking to Anti-Vaxxers” will teach you the best way to have difficult conversations that benefit, not damage, both parties. I’m the best one to teach this because I know how to address the powerful emotions that are really driving these beliefs – and how to separate those from the misleading information that triggers them.

The Ultimate Guide to Talking to Covid Anti-Vaxxers” includes information that allows you to see the logic of irrational beliefs, even when you don’t agree on the facts. And it guides you on how to steer the conversation away from arguments and towards understanding.

P.S. Access to the online support group starts immediately. As soon as you purchase, I’ll send you instructions on how to join and show you how to access the materials. Knowledge and support are themes of this course. Start building bridges today.