What people have to say about
"The Ultimate Guide to Talking to Covid Anti-Vaxxers"

"Thank you for sharing your important work! I found the videos oddly calming and hope-inspiring. The basic principles can be applied to any situation in which you find yourself in disagreement with another. Politics, family conflict, vaccines, it does not matter. Each concept laid out by Elizabeth feels like a building block towards understanding, and I am excited to learn more. When will the next episode be released? I want to keep listening."
Daniela M.
Architect, expert in green buildings and sustainability. Business owner. Communicator. Interested in making the world a better place for the next generation.
"It was just as much a video to help myself deal with my emotional reactions. The strategies and techniques suggested in the video seemed like were applied to me while watching and they worked. More understanding and communication is what we should be striving for and this gives me hope that we can in the future have more understanding of each other. In the end, I felt hopeful."
Jae Song
"Scientists from the physical and biological sciences like myself, who take up doing science communication, are often still mystified by extreme views that run counter to what we know from peer-reviewed literature and scientific consensus. It is critical that we learn from the disparate and interdisciplinary fields that study how and why misinformation can lead to hardened pseudoscientific beliefs and conspiracy thinking, and what those fields are finding that works to strengthen communication. But as busy professionals, juggling active science communication, research, and teaching, learning a different field's fundamentals and keeping up with literature across those fields is not easy...

Bridges Across the Divide fills the gap. A crash course in the psychology and neuroscience of irrational beliefs and concepts crucial to communication in the face of science denial. You’ll come away with the essentials behind stubborn science resistance and get to tap into Elizabeth's expertise on why misinformation grabs a hold of friends, loved ones, and the public, as well as what you can do to reach them."
"Elizabeth Kriesten's work delves into the craziness of the "other" and emerges with order and understanding. It is the needed application of scholarship and empathy to the vexing divisiveness we are facing."
"I was frustrated and in danger of losing my relationship with my father. His world made no sense and now it does. This training series was paradigm-shifting for me. "
Lauren Shoehorn