Elizabeth Kriesten

Expert in Misinformation and Extremism

If you need insight and strategies to deal with friends and family, or Covid 19 anti-vaxxers, you’re in the right place.

  • How do you interact with someone who resists facts?
  • How do we find cohesiveness amidst the division caused by disparate beliefs?
  • How can the process of relying on misinformation be disrupted?

I can help. I study the process through which misinformation fosters irrational beliefs and I develop engaging counterstrategies.

Which Group Are You In?

My current work is on addressing the emotional beliefs surrounding vaccine safety.

What is going on inside the minds of committed Anti-Vaxxers?

If people around you seem to disregard safety concerns, hold irrational beliefs and steadfastly defend wild suppositions… you may have heard what they believe, but perhaps you don’t understand why it’s believable in the first place.  

How to engage those with those who hold impenetrable beliefs 

I created a video training series for those who are interested in learning how to interact with people holding anti-vax and related beliefs.

"Elizabeth Kriesten's work delves into the craziness of the 'other' and emerges with order and understanding. It is the needed application of scholarship and empathy to the vexing divisiveness we are facing."
Jane Schmeer
"I was frustrated and in danger of losing my relationship with my father. His world made no sense and now it does. This training series was paradigm-shifting for me. "
Lauren Shoehorn